Get ready for your special day!

Whether you desire a romantic slow dance, graceful Waltz, sophisticated Foxtrot, playful Swing or simply want to learn how to dance for your wedding, we are here to help.  We'll teach you elegant and fun moves to mix and match (or in a routine format), and will create custom choreography to the song of your choice that uniquely fits your personal style, vision and comfort level.  

  • Bride-Groom

  • Father-Daughter | Mother-Son

  • Parents, Grandparents, Siblings

  • Bridal party

  • Weddings Guests


What You'll Learn

The lessons are customized to your desires and goals, learning style and budget. Ideally it's best to begin with basic movements, connection and musicality before diving into steps. We will help you select a song (if needed) and provide performance guidance - how to handle mistakes, how to stay on beat or recover from getting off beat, elegant entrance and exit options, styling and posture, and floor placement so your guests/photographer get the best views. At the end of each lesson we'll take a video recap so you can study and review what we covered.

Preparation Time

Preparation time varies, and is determined by the style of dance and chosen song, frequency of lessons, amount of practice, and complexity of the choreography. Of course, the more lessons (and practice) you can fit in the more prepared and polished your dance will be. We recommend a minimum of one lesson per week starting 2-4 months prior to the wedding - meeting twice a week will facilitate faster progress and better retention.

We also highly recommend starting with some group classes prior to the private lessons. Not only is this the most affordable way to begin the process of learning how to partner dance (where to put your feet and arms, how to move as a unit, how to dance on beat, etc.), but it will help eliminate the “stiff and awkward” feeling much faster.

Wedding/First Dance Lessons

Single lesson rates (pay as you go), as well as package discounts are available.  Lessons are 55 minutes, and are given in a private studio on Saturdays.

5 Lessons - an introduction to dance with either basic patterns to mix and match or a simple routine
10 Lessons - develop a more polished look with grace and fluidity and learn more in-depth choreography

Get Started

Please contact us to schedule your lessons, and/or for more information. Be sure to include the date of your wedding, song (if chosen), experience level and any desired dance style.

Thank you so much for helping us with our wedding dance and sending your well wishes! The wedding was perfect, as was the dance. We didn’t miss a beat. Your patience and kindness are so appreciated.”
— AnnMarie & Colin